Presale Starts off NFT and Met averse Pitch to Change Enrollment

The outsourcing scene has seen gigantic development lately, with a consistent ascent in the quantity of telecommuters looking for adaptable business open doors.

With projections proposing that the worldwide gig economy will outperform $450 billion out of 2023 and the outsourcing business will surpass $12 billion by 2028, is the conventional independent model very nearly a significant upgrade?

One of the new competitors in the business is Dee Lance, an independent stage that looks to reclassify the manner in which specialists associate with likely purchasers.

The cutting edge outsourcing and enlistment stage is based on three key points of support: a state of the art NFT commercial center, a met averse, and an imaginative enrollment stage. Together, these support points offer a thorough set-up of devices and administrations intended to smooth out the independent interaction and make a more consistent encounter for all clients.

Dee Lance Makes a plunge: Token Presale Makes way for Independent Change

Dee Lance’s token presale was uncovered on spring 30th, 2023, flagging the start of its excursion toward changing the independent business. With this presale, the stage tries to create assets for additional turn of events and to lay the preparation for its introduction to the universe of NFTs and the met averse.

Prompt riser financial backers have the chance to obtain $DLANCE at a decreased pace of $0.025 during the underlying presale round. Ensuing rounds will see the value ascend to $0.027 and $0.030 per $DLANCE. The absolute symbolic stock adds up to 1 billion tokens.

Stage One — a sum of 60,000,000 tokens are held for the principal stage, fully intent on raising $1,500,000. Financial backers can eat up $DLANCE at a pace of $0.025 during this underlying stage.

Stage two — the subsequent stage dispenses 74,074,074 tokens chasing a $2,000,000 raising support target. In this round, $DLANCE can be bought at $0.027.

Stage Three — in the third and last stage, 83,333,333 tokens are available to all, determined to produce $2,500,000. Financial backers can purchase $DLANCE at an expense of $0.030 during this round.

$DLANCE can be purchased through ETH, USDT, or Visa

For the individuals who select to utilize a card, ETH can be bought and afterward traded for $DLANCE. It is critical to guarantee a sufficient measure of ETH is accessible when you buy in any presale to cover both the crypto buy and the related gas expenses.

As the independent model keeps on picking up speed, Dee Lance’s coordination of web3 innovation, the met averse, and NFTs positions it as a solid competitor on the lookout. As the market shifts towards a more decentralized and client driven approach, the stage’s imaginative arrangements offer a promising look into the eventual fate of the independent model.

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